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Market prospect of compound fertilizer equipment manufacturing industry

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Economic transformation and upgrading is the subject of modernization and is the most pressing task facing China today. With China's macro economy entering a new stage of high and rapid growth, China's economy is undergoing a comprehensive and profound structural change. "Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, will be dominated by the industrial economy to service industry leading economy, from traditional industry leading economy toward innovation leading economy, from investment-led economic to consumption-led economy, will become China's economic transition to shift the basic connotation and main characteristics.
Machinery industry has a proportion in the national economy, is a basic strategic industries for various industries to provide equipment, is the concentrated reflection of national comprehensive strength and core competitiveness, and its level determines the level of modernization of our country's industry. At present, the national economy is entering a critical period of transformation and development, and the machinery and equipment industry is under great pressure of transformation and upgrading.
After decades of rapid development, China has become the world's second-largest economy, the first manufacturing power, but the pattern of economic development in our country, economic development of the resources and environment to further strengthen, the problem of big but not strong also very outstanding, low industrial concentration, unreasonable layout, lack of core technology, part of the wide range of industries with excess capacity, number of big, deep impact, the potential risk is very big. At the same time, the international and domestic environment of China's industrial development has undergone profound changes. Since the 12th five-year plan period, the mechanical industry has become more and more difficult to operate, and the pressure to transform the way of growth has increased. To realize the transformation from big to strong and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of mechanical industry, it will be the core of China's machinery industry development. Under the action of market forces, the restructuring and transformation of mechanical equipment industry in China is accelerating.
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