Hello, welcome to Tai’an City east drying equipment manufacturing co., LTD.

Oriental drying equipment--About us

Tai’an City east drying equipment co. LTD

  Our company was founded in 1988,it is located in the foot of famous Mount Tai,south close to Qufu City,north close to Jinan Cityin Shandong province,bordering with 104 National Road,the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed way,Bei jing-Fuzhou high-speed way.North-South traffic is very convenient.
  The company covers an area of 36000 square meters,and the area of construct is 20000 square meters,it is one of Chinese earliest development of compound fertilizer manufacturers with complete sets of equipments,we implement IS09001-2000 quality assurance management system. With the high quality staff and a CAD design center,strong technical force and strong hot and cold-processing capacity,for the more advanced wehicles,milling,planning,drilling,coiling machine,cutting plate machine,gantry crane andother equipments,to provide Technology    Design,production,installation,commissioning,personnel training,after-sales service.
  Main products:
  1-20 tons / a year of organic manure, amino acids, domestic waste, waste and other biological fertilizer complete equipment.
  1-30 ton / year high efficiency compound (mixed) fertilizer complete set equipment.
  3-20 million ton / year urea based compound fertilizer production line.
  5-20 million tons / year of sulphur based compound fertilizer complete equipment.
  1-12 ton / year new set of controlled-release fertilizer equipment.
  5-20 tons per year high tower granulation complete set of equipment; slurry method high nitrogen spray granulation complete set of equipment.
  1-30 million tons / year mixed fertilizer (BB) equipment.
  General manager Zhang Dianjun and all staff with the principle of quality first, credit first to welcome new and old customers to visit the company to visit and negotiate business.


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